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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alone on a lorain street. >> i got closer, she was in the snow i just got out of my car and he knew that's what everybody was looking for. >> a search began for hours earlier after her mother reported her missing from the home wearingn nothing but pajamas . >> the police searched the neighborhood, but investigators now say that someone may haveb had her the time. >> shoots out at this intersection 1 mile from home, s but we say that based on her condition it is unlikely she was out in the cold for hours. >> possibility that prior to this gentleman finding her that
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>> child-centered report seeing reported seeing a man grabbing herin and ran ran away but ran away but police say a utility crew working were confronted not .ut >> she thought she heard my my husband tries to show no sign to him and mymy general daughter went to chase her and says that she saw someone grab her . >> exactly sure what she saw. >> police are still investigating, and the family hasf been cooperative as police gather more evidence to try to identify a suspect.ii >> who don't don't know where she was a chill in fact in a margin as we don't know . lties a gte outouri lp isnre chpo u y live cksa ch orsoout tamsa pntomeetwitht m emnd no alert was issued because information was
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meet that criterion. convicted serial killer anthony sowell could get a new trial has east cleveland woman angry ll, so she was raped by him before he was caught but has not told her story until now, b roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> only had her first name, she agreed to appear on camera to tell a story that she says everybody needs to hear becauseys sheb feels there are the victims of himth out there who at a the time that nobody cared. >> should family for he was arrestedfa, pregnant and addicted to crack she says that he approached are looking for sacks in exchange for drugs that led to an elevator maintenance revenue began to beat and choker that she almost passed out she
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managed to get awayth he says that she told himay if he would let her gethe money from her apartment as he waited she had until he left, she says she never told the story because she did not think anybody would believe her or care that i crack addict was rapeded -- he says that she hears he could get a new trial she has to speak out.c >> saw on the news, that they said he was not treated right. >> they found 11 bodies on his property,> and he's not being treated right ?nd? >> she said she has been for years clean from drugs she says is still mad about her own choices at the time and at the a lowest point in her life,
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worse. how she adapted? >> she says that she has nightmares about what happened and sometimes displays are so scared she does not want to leave her house me details on murder of a 19 -year-old woman whose boyfriend, accused of shooting or just days after talking about getting married, and the families go to peggy gallek with the story. g >> the family is deeply hurt they say that 19-year-old crystal shaverha loved everybody she was planning to become a missionary,g clutching her daughter's photograph and favorite stuffed animal, r she clings to her sister for support during a court hearingc for the man accused of killing her . he pled not guilty to the murder
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court it was a tragic accident and that they were in a happy relationship and plans to marry, relatives said they did not leave and they say that they met with matt woodman work at a local speedway and only dating 35 days. >> he was flaunting around a picture on his phone his phone a lorain valentines day that was two days before he killed her. >> she was born with a smile on mi her face never heard a bad word for her nothing uglyn, for her life was beautiful. >> bond was set at two and $50,000 in the case was sent to the cdc grand jury, her mother was too distraught to speak but want to thank everybody for theirt thoughts and prayers. >> the i-team learned that noticeable will be handed out to
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a red light on camera . ed gallek has the latest . you can identify the driver,y a critical piece of information was too blurry, last month we sent the video to rta of abbas running a lightbb at west 85th in detroit and clevelande video captured by del elder on his car, rta says he cannot identify the driver because the investment was not clear and lots of buzz around on the street, the second time in weeks as citizen captured in rta bus going through a red lightd another case rt ordered the driver to get retraining .er the latest case the bus drivers uniond said that it's important to consider if the bus had' passengers on board and would have been dangerous to stop suddenly when the light changed.
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cavaliers> trade we want all their most popular players today . >> involved in a three team deal that means anderson varajeo no longer.. wears the wine and gold as john telich joins us. >> will not be a full-scale large trade this is , they were shopping the contract for a while he was traded and today they picked up the orlando magica channing frye, ending a 12 year y career in cleveland has won the n most popular players in team history, at age 33 and coming off of an injury, the team was looking for a way to dump the contract, the aaa but trailblazers obliged as he isut owed $9 million this year and and next portland inspector to wave him,, the cavaliers have a first-round pick to lagers,
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cunninghamls, the 32-year-old frye told the cavaliers get a stretch for who is a pretty good three-point shooterr who had two years left on his contract ty lue knows the team has to pay attentionon on both ends of the floor to contend. the cavaliers get frye from orlando and anderson varajeo and a first-round pick in 2018 go to portland expected to way from making free to sign with anybody except the cavaliers and blazers ,a the cavaliers also said ricky jerkin send ricky jerkin into the magic, the trade will say the cavaliers more than $10 million in salary and a
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years ago the cavaliers wipede and they got my back then do that so his return to the cavaliers cannot happen for one year from this deal if you were to happen at all, so the cavaliers had to open roster spotsts, and cunningham is expected to be waived by orlandoni. is well those individuals that makes everybody around himse feel better about doing their job he goes about his wayin as a super professional, but i think that the general manager had been trying to get fried for a while . pretty good outside shooter we've got lebron james and kyrie irving who can kick the ball al outside if you can make them came from outside that would be a good deal so we will see how
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who saw him grow up as a professional here in cleveland he did a lot of good stuff forpr cleveland and is just a great guy and we wish him the best.nd >> criticism of donald trump, this time from the leader of the catholic church. >> here's lou maglio. >> pope francis suggesting that trump is not christian and donald trumpt fires back on the pontiffs, it's disgraceful, the pope said that trump is not a christian if he calls for deportation of undocumented immigrants and pledged to build a wall butde to a mexico and us he said should be talk of building bridges not walls and trust responses that no leader especially religious should question another man's faith he said theususs government of mexico has made many disparaging remarks about him and trump says
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by the isis i will tell you that the pope wouldi pray that if only donald trump for president. >> asked to address the humanitarian crisis but said u that he did not tell catholics do not vote for donald trump. >> used to help and once again him once again punk saviors come through.
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we do have have such four-person four-person ice covered john lake erie, .rs looking at that sheet of ice that is not too thick . looking at the skyline especially thursday . it is
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saturdays so warm temperatures . minus 6 degrees of ashtabula this morning .. for below in cherry valley . it was called everywhere this morning . southland will increase tonight
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warmfront tonightht low 30s 74 degrees kansas city, it will not get that warm but it will be warmer on ha friday saturday and sunday . warmfront wellbeing of their tonight and also the warmer temperatures that could be
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i sat and sunday, still very mild a good chance of a dry car then should >> fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.
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it is an inner-city cleveland school working towards continued improvement of one students.s.- >> inc. technology, with a focus on fitness charles dickens elementary is a great place with great expectations. >> is wayne dawson wayne dawson with this weeks fox 8 coolschool .nws >> excitement at charles dickens elementary for being shows of this weeksnt fox 8 coolschool, the goal at this inner-city cleveland metropolitan school is too closely achievement gap and see students improving c. students improving sometimes enhance learning takes place before or after >> we offer wednesday morning interventions, whether it be for
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work oror someone that is on task we also offeris additional time. >> technology has been for all students, kindergarten through eighth grade, study program students use to improve their math and reading skills. >> we learn aboutp days a weekend past students and abc's and the computers implanted tablets. >> the teachers at charles dickens also used a problem -based curriculum, giving students a hands-on approach to learning.uiv >> first-graders integrate math and hard to make marshmallow hexagons hexagons while these seventh graders usable in in a bottle to learn a pressure lesson. >> witty chapters in the lesson
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that shows us what we read about in the lesson see if we understand the hands-off approach.sde >> veggie-u has been incorporated into the science classes in the lower grades and more about growing plantsts s. >> that when you grow things and you get to eat it. >> while eating healthy there is a focus on fitness, the students are activene. >> like to practice basketball replay for football to play soccer we enjoy being active. >> wayne dawson fox 8 news cleveland. >> next week, and as a ride on the bus to southeast suburb of cleveland, the next fox 8 coolschool is warrensville heights middle school. >> what makes them stand out? >> you can find out next week on fox 8 news .
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and create youtube videos.. >> tonight, at 10:00 o'clock the youtuber is u2 version fortunes that they make , and a local man man who had a long time have the most watched video on youtube, learnon the secrets of internet fame and fortune and a fox 8 news exclusive,end you 2 million scouts not only on fox 8 news at
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been a bumpy week weather-wise.
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friday's. >> some warmer chapters coming om and it is a sunny day and i came to work with a dirty car and i'm going to be going home with a clean on . tenders remember tony's ashtabula and findlay is almost tomorrow some 50s potentially into the weekend even moreti . winds from the south and west transporting warmer temperatures and our backyards . it is still quite cold out there but with the sunshine, maybe it is just a mental thing, industrial better with the sun shining . the clouds associated with the warmfront, there could be a raindrop were snowflake overnight as some models indicate, it'll go by so quickly
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. tomorrow, mostly cloudy could be a brief sprinkle in the snowbelt but for most of us tomorrow just bei cloudy and mostly dry and warm for everybodydy . upper 20s tonight, and then mid to upper 30s tomorrow morningng . tomorrow mostly cloudy, high temperature, about 50 degrees and then above that on saturday . a rash of deadly accidents involving people driving the wrong way has a localp fire chief
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for the use of tire spikes when the car was the wrong direction to flatten the tires. it takes petition back a few years agoo there was a horrific scene, talk about two, 3,000 domiciles at each other at about ou 60 mph in the outcome is not going to be good0. >> solon fire chief steve nash has been thinking about a solution to the problem ofha wrong way driver so many years to send to the public when a driver going the wrong way on i-480 and brooklyn sunday crashed head-onon for the car driven by player of kayla coates who died instantly, this proposal calls for the
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the pavement on highway ramps cars traveling on the right in the right direction would roll harmlesslyly those in the wrong direction tires would be shredded.ti >> at the convention fs, you don't have a lot of time to react to react it would flatten the tires and if they mated to the freeway, maybe they would be doing about 10 mph .u. >> hopes that lawmakers look that lawmakers look at that point there are challenges including the cost hel says that if it saves wildlife and it it would be worth it. >> it makes sense, >> every day there is a new smartphone app that the kids are using or a new word. >> so how can the parents keep up on what is always changing but now they can withwh careful parents .com as greg harris
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>> carefirst .com is . last year and isye popular their like it because because it keeps them informed . get website, all kinds of categories you can learn about what kind of cell phone apps were legal issues also amounts drugs and youtube challenges, says he created this site after hearing about are case in wisconsin involving twout, 12 -year-old girls who stabbed a friend claiming they do did it to please a fictional character. >> to increase at why notification between kids and parents because you don't want to be involved in every single aspect of their lives, they need some freedomey, but you do need to be aware and to be able to talk to them about who they stay tuned, how they speak and what else they are doing. >> careful parents .com is free for anybody to join and you
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be an interactive community.s >> we sold out nearly 19,000 tickets have the st. jude dream home giveaway. >> someone has a chance to win in the house, car and hot tub as todd meany recaps the morning. >> another historic day for fox 8 and st judeer. >> that's how it goes for the st. jude dream home giveaway, for having to be a part of this once again, 18,888 tickets are up for sale to live that dream home at red tail golf course valued at over $500,000e. >> do not take long before thousands of tickets were sold>>. >> in only 40 minutes we were more than halfway to our goalo. >> your generosity made it happen, in the past four years
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st jude, a memphis tennessee, they do not have to pay for anything there during a hospital stay because donations are made by you, he spent almost five years being treated at saint judessfi. >> tell my grandson, that we need himm to come to these events that he can inspire other people .t >> our partners know how important saint judes,pa chris curcio of lite-house pools and spas recently visited the hospital of its one other reasons that his company donated a hot tub.. >> such a phenomenal outpouring of care for these folksks in such a great experience and 90 minutes or so they raise that kind of money.e >> nick abraham auto mall was amazed at what st jude can do and what northeast ohio has continually done. >> is amazing or seen anything
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cleveland are wonderfulo. >> volunteers at the at the panera bread phonebank the nonstop for an hour and half until the last ticket was purchased.eb >> that's it we are sold out, thank you, . if you are not able to get a ticket,, soon you will be able toto touring the dream home bill by cleveland custom homes for a chance to win $10,000 from fish furniture . it's a credit to our sponsors supporti, and to you, without you we cannot have made this years sell-a-thon the record-breaking success.
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>> todd meany fox 8 news. >> tours for the drew holm will begin sometime in late may . the drive for the drew holm and a although the enterprises will take other prizes will take place on june 23 . >> if you have questions about the ticket or how you can still support a st jude, we haveueti compiled a list of all the answers at fox it's a problem that a lot of us deal with every fall, raking the
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adjust everything in in australia is out to get you. >> kangaroos crocodiless spiders not a tumbleweed.
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homes,s, it is called hairy panic and as you can see. >> they say that the dry summer conditions have broughtsa truckloads of this into town, the city council will not help because it is noti a fire risk so it's up to the homeowners to deal with the >> i spent eight hours yesterday cleaning up a tumbleweedig and this is what i got today. >> it is frustrating, you got a couple hours of work ahead and that is sort of displeasing. >> the tumbleweeds have been around for a couple years, and this summer is by far the worst code they suspect is coming from a nearby farmey that has not been maintained.
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between 40 and 50 mph these will bere warmer winds with high temperatures temperatures tomorrow a dozen degrees above normal . it is a pleasure to have the sunshine just add some energy into your thursday . with the sunshine, it's going to also be warmer tomorrowin high near 50 . you go from northeastern ohio, and then in cincinnati, that's where the warm air is originated from the south and west, kansas city is celebrating mid- 70s 60
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for will be a good-looking day on saturday and bats at car bethann carwashes will beep back . it's going to be dry a slim chance of a raindrop . tonight upper 20s rising after
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the averages 38 . mid- 40s on sunday on wednesday, is a slight chance of us getting clipped by the coastal storm . it looks like boer war that is going to stay away but that could change and then we fall back to colder temperatures the
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many of our fox 8 viewers know that the super bowl endedvi the he weekend half ago and he still owed melissa mack that. >> she won the super bowl side that as we promised to get her car washed. today, i made a right. bring it back clean, i don't want one spot. >> took it to the kum and go wash and detail . that's a nice
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the good folks up there at carnegie washed in detail center , were shunning that up nicely forgni . i went to vermilion i did a viewer show,id and this had to get done today so you had toa take long for the team, i will take her seat and the receipt and if you want, i will pay.. >> going bac normallyto am not the tallest creature here, my husband got in there and move the seat and i
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embarrassed and blue move the seat back down. for god to man up up and pay orbit becauseod the brass at some roster movesas today while their defensive coordinator returned. >> john telich from the newsroom . >> randy starts time as a brown lasting just one season he was waived as was the time and as the huge action regime reshapes the roster, ray horton, was back b at the media center in berea checking in with the local mediac , returned after two seasons away from cleveland . he
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veteran joe hadeng who'll be making a comeback for those concussions from last season, horton says he has met with joe. >> i love his leadership ability and as long as he is healthy, he will be on the field started for usi and expecting good things out of joe >> he says that he will talk to paul kruger who seemed upset at his role last season, when he was rushing some touristy quarter back about dropping into coveragert will try try to suit the style that fits them best and i think that would that would habit of rushing the passer more than last year.u i think they're going to go for a quarterback, t there are three good options, my preferences the kid from california i think he is the is the best of the three and i think that they probably
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starting the era. >> does not necessarily to play the first week of the season aboutc that would be his team moving forward you have josh mccown as the inventor of the turnover to the youngster and build from there andnd don't deviate. >> over the browns are listening
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the truth is out there or at least what they been searching for since 93t. >> now thousands who want to believe for just curious about ufos are going to arizona, ufo , congress is underway in phoenix, people from all overis go there to meet other enthusiast to buy some fun stuff and exchange stories .b some may may find may find the event strange it a bit strange but for others it is .
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beings from another world are here. >> believe i saw what i saw, near scottsdale, at about 300 mph. >> people don't realize how, ufo sightings are they have received thousands of sightings each month but all of these are flying saucers but not all people are 7 feet tall. two congress features more than a dozen guest speakers talk aboutsth the dashes dachshunds, conspiracies and science fiction
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please call the disappearance is suspicious and thith s taenr so i g ndedh ew tthbee th. 2eaold bck s misayshe isng lland rm many questions about where she was for more than four hours last night, dash-cam video showss the moments after the police say good samaritan founder about 1:00 a.m.,od or good her good condition was inconsistent with being out in the night in
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her missingt leading lead to an all-out search she thought that her father had gotten home home and gotten home androstenedione since reported she saw a man carrying a girl who police the police are questioning that a utility crew working on front do not see that. >> the thing that has us right now we do not know where she wash to not know if the mad hatter. >> the fact that we do not know where she was. on nk ud rived sde i > 't thig y orthe sor t an wfond recooperg thlith hareeng n ot yenysuec fi a pink ball that


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